Conferences: SOMP Regional Meeting, Latin America version, whic...

Conferences: SOMP Regional Meeting, Latin America version, whic...: Dear colleagues, We are inviting you to participate in the fourth  SOMP  Regional Meeting, Latin America version, which will be held in Mede...

Dear colleagues,

We are inviting you to participate in the fourth SOMP Regional Meeting, Latin America version, which will be held in Medellin, Colombia between May 26th and 28th, 2016.

The Society of Mining Professors / Societät der Bergbaukunde (SOMP) is an active society representing the worldwide academic community committed to making a significant contribution to the future of mining disciplines. The main objective of the society is to ensure the scientific, technical, academic and professional knowledge need to ensure a sustainable supply of minerals to mankind.

This regional meeting of SOMP in Latin America aims to bring the academic mining community and foster growth and collaboration, like to facilitate the exchange of information, research, teaching and collaborative activities among its members.

We believe that this regional meeting would be an excellent opportunity to strengthen the undergraduate and graduate programs in the area of Mineral Resources, the related research groups and a strategy to strengthen mining research in the region in the area of Geology, Mining and Metallurgy.

In parallel to the SOMP Regional Meeting, the XIX version of the Colombian Mining Congress will be held, “Contributing to the sustainable development of the mining in Colombia”, which includes topics around the mining business in: knowledge and technical management, underground works, environment, relationship with communities, policy and regulation.

Registration fees:The participation fee is funded entirely by the National University of Colombia through the School of Mines. All those attending the meeting SOMPLatin America are also invited to participate in the Colombian Mining Congress and their participation as speakers at the event will have no cost.

Organizing Committee:
Universidad Nacional de Colombia:
                Prof. Oscar Jaime Restrepo, e-mail:
                Prof. Oswaldo Bustamante, e-mail:
                Prof. Alejandro Delgado, e-mail:
Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú:
                Prof. Mario Cedrón Lassus, e-mail:
Virginia Tech:
                Prof. Michael Karmis,
Secretary-General Society of Mining Professors (SOMP)
                Prof. Bruce Hebblewhite,

Oscar Jaime Restrepo Baena
Ingeniero de Minas y Metalurgia
Profesor Titular
Departamento de Materiales y Minerales
Facultad de Minas
Universidad Nacional de Colombia
Teléfono 57-4-4309290
Fax 57-4-4309149

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