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Publications: Taylor & Francis Online :: Intervention strategies...

Publications: Taylor & Francis Online :: Intervention strategies...: Taylor & Francis Online :: Intervention strategies to eliminate truck-related fatalities in surface coal mining in West Virginia - Inter...

Aerial videos of surface mines

Mining videos: Limestone quarry: Abandoned prison quarry. Rummu, Estonia.

Peat field:

Abandoned limestone quarry:

Abandoned peat field:

Operating limestone quarry:

Abandoned phosphate rock strip mine:

Closed oil shale strip mine:

Mining Photos and Videos

Mining Photos and Videos:

Blast Video Image Processing

This is an example of a technique I developed which takes high speed blast videos and uses advanced image processing techniques to better understand what is actually happening throughout the blast. Here you will first see the movie itself. Then you will see two processed versions which seek to highlight motion and change as the blast proceeds. If you look closely you can see all sorts of interesting things.

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