The 7 Biggest Chinese Mining Companies (1088-OL.HK, ACH) | Investopedia

The 7 Biggest Chinese Mining Companies (1088-OL.HK, ACH) | Investopedia:

The metals and mining sector in China is represented at the top by large state-owned firms organized to extract and process resources on a provincial or regional scale. The firms in this list mine a wide variety of mineral resources, including coal, bauxite, copper, gold, zinc and iron ore. Most of the companies are also involved in varied business activities that grow out of their mining operations. This list is ranked according to reported revenues in consolidated financial statements for 2014. Important resource extraction figures from the same year are also noted.

China Shenhua Energy

China Shenhua Energy Company Limited (HKSE: 1088-OL.HK) is China's biggest coal mining company by extraction volume, with reported commercial production of about 306 million tons in 2014. The company, its subsidiaries and affiliated companies also engage in coal chemical processing, power generation and delivery, and rail and sea transportation businesses. China Shenhua Energy reported consolidated revenue of $38.8 billion.

Jiangxi Copper Company

Jiangxi Copper Company Limited is China's largest copper mining company and one of its largest gold and silver mining companies. It processed more than 1.3 million tons of refined copper, more than 28 tons of gold and 625 tons of silver in 2014. The company also processes other metals and chemicals, and it produces fabricated copper products, such as copper rods, tubes and foil. Jiangxi Copper Company Limited reported more than $31 billion in consolidated revenue.

Shaanxi Coal and Chemical Industry Group, Co., Ltd.

Shaanxi Coal and Chemical Industry Group Co., Ltd. is a coal mining and processing conglomerate with operations in electric power generation, iron and steel production, heavy equipment manufacturing and an array of other businesses. The company reported gross coal production of nearly 140 million tons in 2014, making it China's third-biggest coal producer by volume. Consolidated revenue amounted to $28.7 billion. Several subsidiary companies are listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange, including Shaanxi Coal Industry Company Limited and Shaanxi Construction Machinery Company Limited.

Aluminum Corporation Of China Limited

Aluminum Corporation of China Limited (NYSE: ACH), also known as Chalco, is China's largest bauxite mining company. The company refines bauxite ore into aluminum oxide, known as alumina, which is then sold or further processed into primary aluminum. Chalco is the world's second-largest alumina processor by volume, reporting production of about 13.2 million tons in 2014. Output of primary aluminum was about 3.7 million tons. Chalco also produces fabricated aluminum products and engages in coal production and power generation businesses. It reported consolidated revenue of more than $22 billion in 2014.

China Coal Energy

China Coal Energy Company Limited (HKSE: 1898-OL.HK) is China's second-biggest coal mining firm, reporting production of more than 165 million tons of coal in 2014. The company also produces coal-related chemicals, manufactures specialized coal mining equipment and provides coal mine engineering services to other mining companies. China Coal Energy reported consolidated revenue of more than $11 billion.

Yanzhou Coal Mining Co., Ltd.

Yanzhou Coal Mining Co., Ltd. (NYSE: YZC) is a coal mining and processing firm with associated operations in railway transportation, coal chemical production and power generation. It operates 12 coal mines in China and another nine mines in Australia, with a total of six additional mines set to enter commercial production by 2016. Total coal production amounted to more than 80 million tons in 2014. Consolidated revenue was more than $9.4 billion.

Zijin Mining

Zijin Mining (HKSE: 2899-OL.HK) is China's biggest gold producer, its second-biggest copper producer and a large producer of iron ore and silver. In 2014, the company produced 175 tons of gold, 411,000 tons of copper, 3 million tons of iron concentrates and 349 tons of silver. It also mines zinc, tungsten, tin, lead, molybdenum and coal. In addition to its domestic mines, Zijin Mining Group has mining operations in Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, South Africa and Russia. It reported consolidated revenue of more than $9.1 billion.

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